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Strategies to manage Technical Debt - Part 1

12 minute read

Sometimes teams struggle to identify which technical debt items are worth investing into, or how to align them to company goals. We recently had some inter...

Feedback and Sandwiches

3 minute read

I saw something at Basecamp’s “How we communicate” guide that made me think about the classic sandwich when delivering bad news/feedback, so I decided to sha...

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Using Gradle Kotlin DSL with junit 5

10 minute read

Gradle 5 has been out for a while now and with that we finally got the ability to write our Gradle scripts in Kotlin. How can I migrate my JUnit-enabled Grad...

Refactoring the coding interview

10 minute read

I switched jobs recently, and I found myself doing some interviews. Some code assignments are too demanding for some candidates. I’ll talk from my recent e...

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Kotlin Elvis operator is not a ternary

1 minute read

Last week, I was late at work and as soon as I entered the room, some coworkers shouted: “Hey, over here, we’ve found a bug in Kotlin!”

JUnit 5 unit testing with Kotlin

4 minute read

At Returnly, we are using, among others, JUnit Jupiter to test our back-end services. There is some lack of documentation and examples, so I will setup some ...

Having fun with Kotlin delegates

3 minute read

I have been learning Kotlin lately, and I have been playing with delegates and reified functions. By using composition over inheritance, we’ll compose some c...

So here I am

2 minute read

Bio and introduction. This is me!

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