Hi there! :wave:

It has been a really long long time since I first wanted to create my tech-blog. It all started around the early 00s (yes, I’ m that old…) but I had the feeling it was not going to have the right quality nor I had found the right medium (wink, wink :wink: ) to publish it.

So let’s start about myself.

I was born in the end of the 70s in Spain. I think myself as a millennial (eat that!) since I am no generation-X, so I must be generation-Y.

I am a software engineer, and I have been since I was a teenager (actually, sooner than that).

My first computer was an Amstrad CPC 464 with an amazing and insane amount of RAM memory: 64 KB.

This was a computer back in the 80's
This was a computer back in the 80's

I had been learning English since I was 6 (thanks Mom, thanks Dad) and I was given with it this thing that my parents thought it was the computer manual (unfortunately they did not know any english…). It was titled 40 Educational games for the Amstrad CPC 464 and I was just 9 when I got my hands on it. You could create music, images, animations… but more important, you learned what was a variable, how the code was structured (actually, linearized …). It was really important in my development as it helped my brain to form the right neural connections to develop as a logic thinker and problem solver.

It was fun, I was a very organized kid, with my routines and my compulsive behavior… and I remember feeling kinda frustrated when I wrote my first app (how where they called back in the day? … oh, programs), a db and a couple of screens to manage my book collection (that was plain basic, no kidding). My frustration came when I had literally *no way to persistent store my information anywhere. I had to type everything (even the program) every time I wanted to *store some book notes.

That is how it started. Now I am a senior software engineer, and I work mainly on back-end micro-services. I am learning kotlin and I’m loving it. A few years ago I left software engineering because I was bored, and I could not find state of the art companies in Spain, but I always loved technical challenges, so I switched back to engineering working with SF start-ups. It is really a pleasure working with the valley mindset and all the tools out there to improve our productivity.

What do I want with this blog? What I never did before: sharing my ideas, code snippets and get feedback from… anywhere in the world.

hello world, here I come!

Cheers to all,

Ping me if you come to Madrid and want to share a beer over a nice conversation.

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